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Clients are looking for your business, but do they have a way to find you? Local Grow is your go to agency specializing in web design for therapists.

Local Grow specializes in web design for therapists, helping you grow your online presence and attract new clients. From website design to on-page SEO, we've got you covered.

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Be Found Online

Having a website is a huge factor for new clients contacting your business. Let us highlight what you specialize in and make sure clients can find you online.


Gain Trust With Reviews

Over 90% of clients are reading online reviews before contacting a new business. We will help you grow this and stand out from your competition. 


Proactive Follow Ups

We provide your business with easy ways to text customers from new leads to appointment reminders. No more no shows or clients ghosting you. 

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  • Google Reviews
  • Texting Automations

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  • Custom Website
  • SEO & Website Maintenance

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let us earn your business. No contracts, no strings attached.

Our mission is to empower counselors and similar small business owners to enhance their online presence and attract more clients without the constraints of long-term contracts. We recognize the unique challenges you face—not just in your practice but also in navigating the digital world. Through our extensive experience working with counselors, we’ve pinpointed the essential need for specialized website solutions that are both impactful and easy to manage.

Embrace our commitment to your growth with our risk-free approach. We’re eager to demonstrate the value we offer without any initial financial commitment from you. We’ve listened to numerous counselors who have been let down by past digital ventures, and we’re determined to shift this experience. With us, you’ll encounter no contracts and no hidden conditions—only our unwavering commitment to developing a website that resonates with you and your clients.

Our services are meticulously tailored to cater to the needs of counselors seeking to boost their online visibility. From custom-designed websites that effectively showcase your counseling services and philosophies, SEO strategies that elevate your search engine presence, to lead generation techniques that expand your client base, we’re here to ensure you make a significant impact in the digital space. Let us create a website that not only mirrors the professionalism and compassion of your practice but also propels your business forward, connecting you with individuals in search of your guidance.

Join us in forging a path to digital success. We’re not just creating websites; we’re fostering partnerships that stimulate growth and yield transformative results for your therapy practice.

our services

Web Design
For Therapists

Elevate your online presence with our custom web design for therapists. Our team is committed to crafting professional, bespoke websites for counselors that are visually appealing on all devices and optimized for search engines to enhance your visibility in your field. By highlighting your services with personalized photos and content, we deliver a user-friendly experience that accurately represents the quality and professionalism of your practice. We’re dedicated to creating a website that aligns with your high standards and clearly communicates to potential clients why they should choose you for their mental health needs

Website Maintenance

Maximize your therapy practice’s online visibility with our comprehensive SEO and website maintenance services, specifically designed for counselors. Our expert team excels in optimizing your website to achieve top visibility in search engine results. We engage deeply with the therapy field to identify the most effective keywords and ensure your services are prominently displayed. Our commitment extends beyond simply launching your site; we actively monitor and refine your website to maintain its leading position in search engine rankings. From making precise SEO adjustments to updating content, we manage all aspects of website maintenance, freeing you to focus on providing exceptional services. With our support, your practice will not only be easily found online but also become the preferred choice for clients seeking therapy.

Google Reviews

In today’s digital landscape, the significance of online reviews for therapists cannot be understated, with a vast majority of potential clients reading reviews before choosing a counselor. This trend is especially relevant for service-oriented professions like therapy, where there has been a noticeable rise in the importance of online reviews. Recognizing the essential role of client feedback, we provide a streamlined solution tailored to help counselors effortlessly gather reviews from their satisfied clients. Our service simplifies the review collection process, ensuring your therapy practice not only stands out from the competition but also enhances its visibility online.

By leveraging our review management services, you’re doing more than just boosting your online presence; you’re establishing a foundation of trust and credibility with prospective clients. This trust is crucial in the therapy field, where clients are looking for professionals they can rely on. Our services pave the way for your practice’s continued success and growth, helping you build a strong, positive reputation in the digital world

Texting &

In the dynamic environment of therapy services, overlooking appointments or not responding quickly to new inquiries can greatly affect your practice’s success. Aware of the complexities involved in managing client sessions alongside other responsibilities, we offer a solution crafted to enhance your communication efficiency. Our service features sophisticated texting automations specifically designed for scheduling appointments, engaging new leads, and beyond, guaranteeing that no opportunity is missed due to a hectic schedule. This approach ensures that your therapy practice remains responsive and accessible, fostering a seamless connection with both existing and potential clients.

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